Thursday, July 17, 2014

Scuffletown Park Birdhouse Makeover...

A block away from my house in the fan area of Richmond, 
is a sweet little park called Scuffletown Park. 

A neighbor mentioned that the birdhouse was in disrepair, 
so I went over with my drill yesterday morning, 
and took it down, and brought it home for a SheShe Makeover!!
Here's what it looked like.
Someone years ago had obviously put a lot of work into it.
 It was a little model of a typical fan row house..
But the wood veneer was falling off…
What was the little front porch, and architectural elements, 
had all fallen around on the ground.
 So I  picked up all the pieces, 
and brought them home, 
where I began to rebuild it with LOTS of glue and caulk..
 And you know me, I decided it needed a little makeover….
So I added some pieces of trim and little wooden finials, etc.
Once I got everything back together,
I primed everything...
 And began painting…….I used exterior house paint.
I gave it a sign….
Used a peg to replace a missing column….
 …I even added a tin roof! ha.
And I stenciled some decorative designs above
the windows…
But I felt like it was lacking oomph...
 So I decided to give all the windows, some window boxes….
…with colorful flowers!
 …and I put a little bird on top….
 It's actually a salt shaker so was totally easy to attach: 
I just nailed through the holes.
 Maybe it will attract some new birds.
 I mean, if I were a bird, 
I would shack up here!
I was in a hurry to put it back up, 
which I did early this morning…
cuz the part I didn't tell you….
 ….was that when I took it down, 
I found this in the top…in a plastic bag.
 It was dated three days ago, 
and I was afraid that I had ruined someone's treasure hunt….
I don't know who this guy is, 
or exactly what this necklace is,
but heck, how romantic!!!!!!!!
So Kelsey, I hope you find it!!!!
It's safely back in place…
up on the roof….
waiting for you!!!!!!


  1. That is a nice story and a great makeover you did - you are so talented!!! By the way - thank you for the pillow!

  2. Thanks, Jennifer. Glad you liked the pillow!