Saturday, July 26, 2014

Painting a Leather Sofa

Yesterday I showed you a sofa makeover that took me weeks!
Today, I'll show you one that took hours!

How you ask?  
By painting!!!
 Here's what this sofa looked like when I began.
The one large seat cushion is fabric, 
but the rest of the sofa is leather...
 ….with years of wear and tear...
 Lots of stains….
…especially on the arms.
And a burn??
The leather also has a mottled appearance 
which makes it almost look like vinyl.
 After a good vacuum, I painted all the leather in a mixture of 
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in in French Linen and Old White.
I applied a second and third coat for good coverage.
 After it was throughly dry, I lightly sanded with 600 grit sandpaper.
Then I waxed it.  
You can see here on the right side how the wax
 darkens and enriches the paint.
 After the paint dries, I buff to a lovely sheen.
 Here it is with all the pillows back on……….
I SWEAR it feels just like buttery leather!
REVISIT: Before...
And after.
Looks brand new!!!!
And it matches this entertainment center that I painted last year..
Which looked like this...
 Amazing how much brighter and cleaner it looks now…
with a little paint and wallpaper..
Thanks for the work, Kim and Jon!
For two summers now, when they're away on vacation,
they've had SheShe, The Home Magician, 
in their home whipping up a little magic!!
Welcome home!

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