Thursday, March 13, 2014

How to make random chairs into a set

A client recently purchased a table in my booth, 
and wanted a set of four small chairs to go with it.
A client after my own heart!
I love mixing things up!!!!
I started with this little random cafe chair.
I painted, waxed and distressed the frame.
 Next, I recovered the seat in this sturdy 
navy/linen striped hemp fabric.
One down…….
 Three to go…

I had to build bases and make foam seats for some of these…
It's important to keep the scale/height
somewhat consistent...This ladder back chair
was a bit too high, and pointed, 
so I simply cut the top off……..
Here's the finished set, all painted and recovered. 
I also varied the way I used the fabric so that every chair is unique.

These were hard to part with….
they are so me.

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