Monday, January 27, 2014

Another Scraphappy Chair Makeover, Approved by Inspector Wilma.

So I bought this little chair a couple of weeks ago 
at a thrift store in Charlottesville:
 Is this striped gold chenille the only fabric 
people used back in the 70's?
 It's everywhere, and boy did it make for some funky looking furniture.
But I guess in its day, it was all the rage!
 This is why I bought the chair: 
These marvelous urn legs!!!!!!!
 I can't wait to get the paint on her..
ASCP Louis Blue is calling my name!
 Here it is painted...
 Doesn't look like much now, but it will…...
 I did this chair when I was in Greenwood a couple of weeks ago, 
so I had limited fabrics with me... 
I used this toile remnant to do the seat.  
Wish I could do the whole chair in it, 
but I just had one designer sample of the fabric.
 And for the chair front…..hmmm….
How bout…
a sweater!??
 I pulled the sweater tight and stapled all along the perimeter of the back 
and then trimmed the access.
 Hey, you gotta work with the tools you have………
Wilma seems pretty impressed with the fabric choice.
Here she is eyeing all that great crewel work.
Now for the back…
My options were limited, but I did have a pair of
seersucker striped valances that I had just taken out of my booth.
So…that's what I used….
The valances had a ruffled bottom edge.
I cut off the ruffles, turned in the raw edges and ironed.
Then I doubled them and hot glued them
 for the edging.
Once again, approved by inspector Wilma!
 Now for those delicious legs…..
 Here they are after I distress sanded the edges
and applied stain to punctuate all the detail.
 This bizarre little chair awaits its new home... 
in my booth at Greenwood Antiques & Uniques...
In all it's scrap happy glory…$158.

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