Monday, July 18, 2016


Some of my favorite redo's have been .... 
You can make such a statement in a kitchen!!!!!
Many times, 
with just a few cosmetic changes...

So I thought I'd compile some of my favorite past kitchen projects, 
and show you some creative ways to work around those hurdles!
Patty and William's kitchen was still living in the 80's...
Lots and lots of honey oak cabinets, brass hardware,
and a faux tuscan paint treatment on the walls...
one summer while they went to Tuscany...
I redid their kitchen!!!!!!
 I primed and painted all the cabinets and trim in white.

I painted the walls a pale warm grey..
I replaced all the brass hardware with oil rubbed bronze.
For the glass front cabinets,
I painted the backs in a lovely pale aqua.
 Joanne wanted to warm up her stark white kitchen,
because it adjoined her family room and was just too sterile.
I repainted the cabinets in a warm off-white treatment, 
with layered stains and glazes..
And replaced all the hardware.
Reclaimed wood countertops were installed.
Now the cabinets look like furniture 
and they work to bridge the two spaces.
 This kitchen had pickled woodtone cabinets 
and yellow green walls.

The cabinet doors were chipped...
The flesh color finish didn't necessarily go with the floor tile,
or the granite countertops.
I painted the walls in a warm pale grey,
the cabinets in a two tone

White above, and a mid-tone blue grey below.
  I also painted the walls, ceiling,
and woodwork in the room.
And I made and hung roman shades on the door
and window.
 Here's another green kitchen.
This one had white thermofoil cabinets
that were peeling and cracked,
a geometric black and white backsplash and floor...
and not enough storage...
My solution:
I painted the upper cabinets in white...
the lower cabinets in a blue grey.
I replaced all the hardware with these brushed nickel
contemporary bar pulls.
 I painted the walls khaki and
the pantry door in the same color as the
base cabinets.
Finally, I found a drysink that worked perfectly
for storage and an entertainment center.
I painted it using both cabinet colors,
and installed the same hardware.
This kitchen is totally pulled together now!
This kitchen was painted in a dark teal.
The cabinets had dated colonial pulls and hinges.
Lots of the top ones weren't even utilized
because they were so out of reach.
And some were just cosmetic, going nowhere!!!
The bottom cabinets were painted in a two tone...
with drawers in the same teal as the wall color.
Very dated, very jarring...
Once again, I used a two tone color treatment.
I also installed beadboard and painted the same pale taupe as the
bottom cabinets.......
It looks  great with the existing formica countertops.
Then I painted the top cabinets and the walls,
in a pale aqua.
I added lots of spaces to display the homeowner's
wonderful pottery collection.
Removing some of the top cabinet doors
breaks up all that dead space...
I added faux tile and trim,
and then propped with more pottery.
I made valances for the window and back door...
Painted the doors using both cabinet paint colors.
I just love this kitchen now!
It is so restful!
Finally, I found and painted a console to serve as a narrow
kitchen island. I used the same cup pulls as the cabinets.
This kitchen was a hodgepodge
of different tiles and countertops..
and colors.
 Pickled cabinets...dated window treatments..
 and purple walls.....
Your eyes are so confused by all the squares!!!!!
 I added beadboard to the back of the island where that blue grey
tile was....

and painted all the base cabinets in a deep espresso.

I painted the barstools white.
On the backsplash area,
I installed beadboard as well, 
which I painted the same white as
the upper cabinets.

Eliminating all the colors and squares
and keeping everything close to black and white
really simplifies the look in this kitchen
 And finally,
the George Costanza of kitchen makeovers..
The  homeowners of this white kitchen...
 ..wanted an old world, european feel.
 And that's what they got~
I faux painted all the existing white cabinets
to simulate wood...
With all the stone tile and granite they installed,
you would never recognize this as the same kitchen!

I could go on and on....

Dang, I've done a lot of kitchens!!!!!!!!!

Have one that needs some help?
SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox