Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The "Nastiest Before" Chair Award!

 Folks, this just might win the award!
Nastiest chair I've ever redone!!
It's been in a covered truck shell 
for who knows how many years.
Some friends were clearing out their parents' estate,
and they delivered this beaut to me!!!!!!!
 I removed all the disgusting fabric fragments,
mouse droppings...blech....
and rusty tacks and nails.....
Structurally, the wood frame was sound, 
and the springs were in great shape.
 So after sanding off the finish, 
which was relatively easy,
and cleaning down the chair,
I decided to use glossy red spray paint.
Not my normal go-to, but what the hey.
Instant gratification!
 I only painted the parts of the frame 
that I knew would end up exposed.
I let this dry overnight.
Since I did this chair while I was at my mom's,
I didn't have a lot of materials...
I'm always fascinated by what I can come up with
to redo something!
 In this case, 
I started with this thick printed cotton canvas rug...
 I cut to fit and stapled all along the seat edges...
 And did the same for the chair front...
 I added a bunch of scrap foam to the back that I cut to fit...
 And then covered that with another piece of the rug.
 Next, I built up the seat with foam and layers of batting.

 I decided to use this remnant for the seat...
Very perky!!!!!!
 But then I was stumped to find something 
to finish the chair front and back,
because I had no more fabric with red. 
It's not my favorite color.
but no.
But aha!
Then I remembered I happened to have
 a couple of burlap coffee bean sacks in the car...
(Who else can say that, heh?)
 And this one had the red and green in the graphic 
that pulled out that red in the seat and frame. 
I used the other side of the sack 
on the chair back.
I trimmed out the back with a natural gimp
to cover all the staples along the edges.
For the seat bottom front edge, 
I just used the actual braided edging I cut from the burlap sack.
 I just trimmed, glued over the raw edge,
and glued to the fabric at the bottom of the cushion.
Then I secured the ends with oversized pewter nail heads.
And here it is in my booth at Greenwood Antiques & Uniques,
looking quite spiffy indeed.
For Sale: $249.

I think it's a nice complement to the bohemian 
"hippie chair/ottoman ensemble."
You know, different strokes for different folks and all that..
Come on,
you know you love one of them!

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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