Monday, April 25, 2016

Daisey's "Shake A Leg" Party

 I was honored to help my dear and beautiful friend, 
 give a little "Shake a Leg" party this weekend
in her awesome home.
She's had a rough year
(you'd never know it from her photos!!!)
She wanted to
have a little shindig to thank all her friends 
and family members for their help and support.
Here are the worker bees, John, Carolyn....
Moi, and John again.
(He gets around. Hee.)
We all rallied to get the house party-ready!
 And it is!
the food has arrived........
Beautiful array...
the bar and music are set up...
Lots of color and wine and music.
What more do you need?
A little breather before the guests arrive...
It's a glorious day!!
And here come the party animals!
Nephew Matt and BFF, Milly...
Lou and Christa...
(That's Pat in the background...)
Aha, Kernie caught the elusive one!

Most all of Daisey's pals here worked or still work in
advertising and production...
(Some even got hitched,
like this pair.)
There are suppliers and buyers...
Agency owners....
freelance creative directors...
Beautiful ladies Mary Anne (marketing guru at VCU)..
and Kay (Yoga guru...incredible potter...
she might even freelance produce if you're lucky..)
The brains behind the operation.
(Yeah, right...)
"Of course I can drive home!"
I must say, 
we have a colorful lot this evening!!!
Beautiful people and beautiful colors...
Another nephew, Scott,
with Daisey's sister, Lou.
"Purple Rain, Purple Rain."
(You had to be there...)
Jean and Daisey go way back -  
to Cargill days...
The original advertising mad-women!
Here's our DJ, 
John the man,
enjoying his latest selection......
"Get down on it!"

Loved it..
Love all of you.
Thanks for making a killer par-tay!!!!! 
And some awesome memories!

(And I hope I didn't offend anyone...
too much...)

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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