Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Fun Theme for a Bridal Shower

This past Saturday,
my college buds and I 
(familiarly known as "the YaYa's")
gave a bridal shower for one of the daughters.
An aunt offered up her awesome home.

I was in charge of
the theme, invitations,
decorations, and games.
Here's what I came up with:
"Breakfast at Tiffanys."
(I thought at first it was SUCH a clever idea.
But then I went online 
and saw how many zillions of 
times this theme had been used before, 
and I was a little discouraged.
But the mom told me not to overthink it.
Just go with it and have fun!!
So I did!)

So here's how I "set the stage!"

First I mixed  up a Tiffany blue color with chalk paints.
I painted a plaque, 
then traced type to create a sign.
Welcome to Tiffany's!
I used the same paint  for a multitude of other props.
I did several more plaques...
These will become "Department" signs....
(You'll see more later.)
A thrift store bird cage...
A clock...
A lamp base...
and a styrofoam head.
Here's the first "Department!"
I used mannequins..
and all sorts of vintage hats, stands, hatboxes, etc.
A little final tweaking...
The next "Department:"
Women's Accessories.
I used the mantle for this one...
and featured a framed photo of our heroine, AH.
 I accessorized with gloves, scarves, purses...
even the bride-to-be's shoes!
The final store vignette:
Fine Jewelry!
I mean, 
you can't have Tiffany's without jewelry!!!!
I used a lot of my vintage glove molds and ceramic hands, 
a tiffany bag,
and lots of costume jewelry.
I printed art on vellum, 
and made a pennant that hung above 
the doorway to one of the rooms.
Tiffany blue tablecloths and white chairs were rented.
We all pitched in with glassware, china, and silverware.
Gorgeous flowers by Bonita!
Isn't it looking festive?
Over in the side porch,
we had smaller cafe tables set up.
I found the perfect fabric at Joann Fabrics 
to make little table toppers.
And here's the painted birdcage! 
I hung a miniature crystal chandelier inside.
I used the same fabric to cover the seat of a chair
and placed a shawl on the back.
This will be the bride-to-be's chair
for opening gifts.
Remind your guests to wrap presents in Tiffany colors...
they will add to the decorations!!!!
And now that the stage is set,
onto costuming!!!!!!!
A last minute pedicure....
in Tiffany blue, of course!
Here are the aunt (hostess) and mom of the bride-to-be.
Little black dresses, pearls,
white shirts, capris...
it's fun to see what everyone will come up with!
And here we are, 
the YaYa's!!
Ready for the big event.
I think we look mah - ve - lous.
Everyone is looking oh so glam!
The guest of honor arrives!!!!!!!!
It's like a big adult dress up party!
What could be more fun than that?
And here come all the guests!!!!
Raining outside,
but inside, 
it's all sunshine and turquoise and sparkles!
Mimosas are served before brunch.
I just love all the awesome costumes the guests came up with.
Check out the eye mask, folks!
A simple but elegant brunch of 
quiche, fruit, and tea sandwiches
was served.
Oh, and some decadent pastries!
A few toasts were made...
And almost time for games.
(During the event, 
I asked everyone to fill out
some bride-to-be memories or stories,
which I used later in a game.)
Gift time!!!!!
I asked an aunt to record gifts, and
one of the bridesmaids to make a "bouquet" from the ribbons...
This particular shower was for lingerie and linens,
but you can do whatever!!!

(I might have to paint this shot!)
So beautiful!
All you gals were gorgeous and fun loving!
And I think the bride-to-be had a fantastic time, too!
As well as her proud mama.
Guests received these parting gifts:
Small aqua bottles filled with 
lavender bath salts.
"A little Tiffany Blue
to take home with you."
And this Holly Golightly is pooped.

SheShe, The Home Magician
And...Now Event Planner??
(Nooooo!!! It's too much work!)
Sheila Fox

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