Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Simulated Grain Sack Chair

 So yesterday I gave you a little preview of my next project.
My client, Arlene, originally wanted to slipcover this chair.
But slipcovers are really expensive.
So I suggested something a little unconventional.
I suggested painting the chair.
Yep, I mean the fabric.
Here's the process.
First, I masked off the wood frame where it met the fabric.....
to protect it. For once, I'm not painting the wood!
I'm using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old Ochre.
I have a bowl of water, 
and several small brushes as well.
I dip the brush in the water and coat an area of the fabric.
Then I paint on some chalk paint.
You want to keep things wet for the first coat so
that the paint will really penetrate the fabric.
 I keep dipping my brush in water, then in the paint, 
then brush on the fabric
 All over.......
 Lots of coats are required........
 Here the pattern underneath is still there, 
but getting fainter.
 You just keep going till the design is all covered.
 I think I ended up with four coats on this piece.
Next, I applied some painters tape.....
Sorry I didn't get this photo.
I just used my eye, 
but you might want to measure...
 Once I had the tape down, 
I brushed Old White along the edges to seal.
When that was dry,
I painted the masked off areas with
Emperor's Silk, a wonderful chinese red.
 When I remove the tape,
ta da!!!!!!
Faux grain sack!!!!!
I brought it inside to dry for the night.
And this morning,
I brought it back outside.
Sanded down all the fabric...
very important for a smooth finish.
 And then I waxed all the fabric. 
Here you can see the difference.
See how the waxed portion is darker?
This seals the paint.
After it's dry, 
I buff it...
It's not butter soft, but it's not scratchy either.
Feels like canvas.
Next, I'm going to paint the table to go with these chairs.
I did the base and legs while it was still in my car!
 How's that for a portable painting station? Ha.
 I'm painting this in Old White, 
the same color I used for the frenchy chairs.
 After two coats,
 I took it out and flipped it and did the top.
 I did three coats on the top.
 Then waxed, buffed and distressed the edges.
Here's the set!
Looks great.
Totally fresh and fun and energetic!!!!!
 The painted chair looks great, too.
As Arlene said,
"It fits the style of the chair."
I tend to agree.

Thanks for the super duper work, Arlene!!!
Another happy customer!!
And that makes me happy!!!!

Have pieces to reupholster?
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Sheila Fox

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