Monday, May 23, 2016

Old Radio Cabinet to Kitchen Island/Bar

 Years ago, I found this old radio cabinet,
which I painted and used for a kitchen island.
I loved it.
It matched my base cabinets..........
and like an idiot, I sold it.
(There's the lovely Bonita Pennino doing dishes!
God love her!)
 This week, while on a hunting trip to Class and Trash,
I found another one! Yay!
 It had serious issues......
but not to worry 'cause I'm painting the bugger.
Someone had added this plywood back...
 Which I immediately banged out..
 The front has sliding doors, 
but they hang and get off track,
so I'm going to close these off...
 After sanding, 
I used this primer. 
It's my favorite for glossy finishes...
 I primed inside and out, except for the legs 
which I'm going to paint in Chalk Paint.
 (And yes folks, that's a sunny day you're seeing!
We've had one in about three weeks,
and  you better believe I was outside cranking out the furniture!)
 After priming, I painted in Valspar "Enchanted Green,"
which is the color of my base kitchen cabinets.
 It's like a deep jadite and looks oh so vintage.
Next, I painted the legs and trim in
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old Ochre.
 Yeah, it doesn't look like much right now,
but just you wait...
 I sanded down all the edges and details,
and then I added a deep stain.
 Brush it on, wipe it off...
Then I used a really deep, dry stain & lightly stroked on to simulate grain...
Inside, I spray painted in Rustoleum Chrome metallic paint.
I love the old label...
Here it is finished in my kitchen.
And guess what?
I didn't like it.
Too cramped.
Oh, fickle, fickle me.
 So here it is in my booth at RVA Antiques on the Avenues.
For Sale, $189.
Inside, tons of storage,
which is all hidden from the front.
It's a great piece!

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox


  1. This makeover was like a short story! Beautiful work.