Sunday, December 29, 2013

Deco Waterfall Vanity Makeover

Now that Christmas is over, 
I can finally blog about a  makeover I did for my client, 
Harry, for a Christmas present to his friend.

Harry picked up this old deco waterfall vanity from a local Salvation Army.
(It's called "waterfall" because of the rounded edge on the top front.)
He also had this little mismatched stool he wanted to fix up for a seat.
 Check out those cool pulls!
He really wanted to keep the simulated woodgrain strips,
but other than that, he left the makeover to my discretion.
 Here's the mirror.
 There were a lot of veneer issues, so step one was wood fill.
 The recipient-to-be  LOVES fleur de lis, 
so I glued a wooden one to the front.
 Next step, paint. I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paints in Old Ochre for the base, 
and French Linen for the trim and details.
I added some stenciled designs along the sides of the drawers...
…and here.
Oh yes, this is looking nice
Here is how it looks after I waxed, first with clear wax,
and then with dark.
I used Gilding Wax in King Gold to spiffy up the hardware,
(Thank you Patty at Classic Wall Finishes for turning me onto this product!!!)
..and I also used a little to highlight some of the edges.
 Beautiful details now glow from a little dab of the gilding wax.
I think this piece is quite stunning..
Here is the reveal.
Next, the stool….
I found this printed jute rug with flour de lis motif 
that will work great for recovering…...
I painted the legs in Old Ochre, recovered the top,
And added some oversized nail heads along the bottom edge.
And here's where the surprise lived for several months, 
safe and sound in my friend Daisey's garage.
(Thank you, Daisey!!!)
Until Christmas morning...
…when Santa got major kudos!
Merry Christmas!

It makes me happy to know that another old piece out there has been beautified.
Thank you, Harry, for allowing me to help with playing Santa!

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