Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sprucing up the Loft Boudoir for Christmas Guests!

It's that time of year when we get together 
with our dearest friends and family…
Oh, the holidays!
I'm lucky enough to still be close 
with these gals I first met in college……….
 We just got together for our little holiday weekend, 
and since I was having an overnight houseguest (a rarity!),
I was anxious to get the guest boudoir all ready!
The bed is freshly made…
I love this antique flour sack quilt 
made by my grandmother...
I've blogged before about the headboard 
I made from a piece of fence I found in the alley…
This color makes me smile.
The guest bedroom in my house is really an open loft
on the 3rd floor…
Over here the windows look out on the rooftop deck.
A shelf holds a collection of old enamelware pitchers.
This lamp I made from a mannequin torso.
I covered a wire lampshade form with fabric scraps
to make the shade.
This bedside lamp, though, seems sort of…
 Just so happens that a client gave me this 
cast off urn lampbase a couple weeks ago…
 First I taped off the cord and brass parts, and spray primed..
 Next I spray painted in turquoise, 
and added a thrift store drum shade.
Yes, I like that little extra punch of turquoise.
And I think Wilma agrees.
"Nice touch, Mom.
When's lunch?"

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