Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday's Feat: Frances' Fabulous Funned Up Foyer!!

Okay, now that I have your attention with all that fine alliteration…;)

My friend and client, Frances, 
asked me recently to "fun up" her front foyer.  
Here's what it looked like when I started:
 She had just placed the barrister cabinet in the back, but wasn't liking it there…
It's a family piece and she wants to put it in a protected place.
The rugs aren't working here..
They're from a previous house,
and finding news ones are on the "to do" list.
Here is the area to the right of the front door.
Frances would like more of a statement here
with perhaps a new lamp at the window that opens out onto the front porch.
The window on the right side has been converted to a mirror, 
with victorian style coat hooks on the outside woodwork...
 Behind the front door is this empty wall….
why not a wall coat rack here?
Out of the way, convenient...
The foyer has a beautiful staircase, 
with lovely woodwork beneath...
But then there's this little partial wall under the stairs...
And smack dab in the middle is this heating vent cover
that sticks out like a sore thumb.
Gotta do something about this..
I have a thought for this space,
which at present  is actually 
quite large but unused.
It involves this awesome sofa that's currently in an upstairs office.
(Frances wants to convert this room
back into a guest next project!..
So she was thinking she'd have to part with this piece.)
I think this sofa would look totally stunning 
in the foyer tucked in that space!
 We can then move the barrister cabinet 
into the adjoining living room, on a protected wall.
It fits perfectly here,
but Frances isn't sold……
she thinks maybe it "brings down" the living room
because it's so dark and somber.
Nothing a little facelift can't fix!
I used grasscloth to line the backs.
It really breaks up the brown,
and provides a great neutral backdrop
for her art pieces.
And while we're in the living room, 
we moved the little round table from the foyer here.
I found a great zigzag lampshade for the alabaster lamp.
Looks great!
But I digress! 
Back to the foyer…
With a little manpower, the sofa has claimed it's new spot!
Looks great!
Love the lines of this sofa
and now you can see them
when you walk through the front door!

Next, new rugs!
I found those runners at a local home improvement store…
Two are just the right length for the entire foyer.
A trip to a fabric store,
and I found some fabrics that really work to tie together
all the poppy orange, greens, and blues!
I whipped up several pillows with down inserts.
This little console table was a piece that I did years ago with decoupaged art.
Now it has found it's perfect place in the universe!
I spray painted this vintage lamp. 
The poppy orange color
ties in with the sofa…
I added a few of Frances' and Lud's pieces…..
they look very happy.
Next, I swapped out the art in the foyer to
work better with the new arrangement and furnishings.
Oh, and may I draw your attention to the
heating vent? 
Because now you don't notice it!
I cheated and painted the little partial wall in the same color 
as the woodwork to disguise that vent.
Now your eye doesn't rest there, it just feels like
a backdrop for the furnishings!
Just to the left of the sofa, 
I added a sweet little thrift table I painted white.
And on top, this incredible aqua glass lamp!
I love how the lamp 
mirrors the still life painting I hung above it.
When it's lit, it casts this wonderful aqua
glow in this little corner.
So incredibly cozy!
Moving to the front of the foyer, I
 removed the hooks from the woodwork on the mirror,
and touch up painted the trim.
 I used the hooks, and an old twin headboard,
to make this custom wall coat rack 
which I hung behind the front door.
At the front window, 
we positioned this piece that was in
the living room: 
An antique oak organ bench.
Below it, I placed a copper boot tray...
 On top, I found this fun little giraffe lamp 
with zigzag shade from Shades of Light.
Totally unexpected…
but the quirkiness and scale of it just WORKS 
on this petite table.
And I added a small pillow to the chair here 
to add some softness to the wood.
I must say,
 this makeover really makes me smile...
When the lamps are all aglow, 
I believe I can here a big fat "WELCOME!"

What a wonderful first impression of
Frances and Lud's beautiful home!
Don't you agree?


  1. May I be the first to say 'I LOVE IT'!!! Thank you so much Sheila for brightening my day! Can hardly wait to get started on the next project.

    1. So glad you're happy! Cuz I'm happy! I want to live in your foyer. Thanks for the awesome project!!!!