Wednesday, June 5, 2013

From Blank Canvas to a Colorful Room Oasis on a Budget.

And I'm back, folks, 
to reveal the finished, decorated room 
I blogged about last week. 
So sit back, grab the popcorn, and enjoy!

To refresh, the room began like this:
Knotty pine panelling, brown linoleum floor.
Here it is after base painting everything:
Next, I did a checkerboard patterned floor.
 My client had NO IDEA what he was going to do with or put in this room,
so I made him a ridiculously low offer 
he couldn't refuse,
to completely furnish it.

 Okay, ready?  


 Please enter Mike's nifty Moroccan lounge!
I call it the happy land of colors!
 (Reverse shot: Looking back to the door.) 
I love how this bold striped dhurrie rug 
pulls you right into the room.
To the left of the entrance I set up this little work area.
I gave a vintage 50's pine desk 
a punchy new look by painting it in BM "Terrapin Green," 
a green slightly deeper
 than the green in the floor squares.
On the other side of the window, 
and on the left back wall,
is this sweet little sitting area.

This moroccan lantern I found was perfect!
I stuffed it with multicolored string lights
for some added sparkle.
The chair is a rehabbed armed ladder back chair
that I painted in an aged turquoise finish. 
I reupholstered the seat in a green outdoor fabric
and whipped up this little suzani print pillow.
This little table was made from a repurposed
aquarium stand and cabinet door.
I spray painted it in an ocean blue.
I love layering blues and greens.
And NO, they don't have to match!
I think the various shades and tones
give a room dimension and interest.
(It also doesn't scream: "Hey, 
I bought this all in one store!!")

Above the little table, 
I hung my client's framed poster.
Now, let's pick up some of those rug colors!
Over to the right of the back wall,
is this daybed....
really just a single mattress and boxspring.
I dressed the bed in a white chenille queen bedspread,
turned crosswise.  Then I added a plethora of pillows...
picking up the colors in the rug and furniture...
Some of these were purchased, 
and the rest I made.
And just in front of the doorway, a wooden
 rocker that belonged to Mike's Dad, 

nestles up to this little triangular-topped
table that I got from a client.
On the wall next to the door, 
I hung a double
coat rack.
You can't have enough floor cushions!
And remember the little green desk I painted?
I used the same paint to give the ceiling fan blades
a facelift, too.
At dusk, turn on the lights...
flop down a floor cushion, 
and crank up the Hookah!
 Your bed is just a stone's throw away.

That was fun!
I'll be blogging more about the rest of the house soon.
Thanks, Mike, for the great project!!!!!

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