Monday, June 10, 2013

Door Dilemma: Solving a Lack of Privacy

So this house I've been working on........
had a very interesting feature......
EVERY interior door in the house 
(except this one closet door)..........
 was a paned glass door.........
Every single one!
In every bedroom,
I mean, really?
Who wants to be seen in the toilet, huh?
("You gonna be in there long?")

The previous owners had used ivory sheers for privacy.
Here's what I came up with
to solve the lack of privacy dilemma:

I removed the sheers.....
Then I played around with various vinyl wallpaper cutouts.

Hmm, okay, but it doesn't look like wood.
I decided on wallpaper that simulates bead board.
After soaking,
you "book" it...
And here you go...
The tricky part was making sure all the lines matched vertically...
Here's the door with all the wallpaper cutouts...
And here's the door all primed and painted!
Looks like a door, heh?
I painted all the doors in a satin navy....

On the backside, I just primed and painted.

I kept the glass panes in all the hallway doors and the doors to the office
to keep everything light and architecturally interesting!
Talk about a BEAR to do.  
Incredibly labor-intensive.

BUT... the results were totally worth it!


  1. I absolutely love this! Great resolve to a unique problem.

  2. She-She is a master!