Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Throw-Away Chest Get's a Chinese Red Treatment

 Here's another piece that showed up on my sidewalk
this weekend... 
courtesy of Molly Buford!
It was an old family piece, 
and a relative wanted to just throw it out.
Molly said, NO!!!!
I'll take it to Sheila!
God Bless her!
A short old oak chest....
 With a few issues, 
but so what!
 I slapped on some wood putty where the top had veneer problems, 
and then sanded it smooth.
 I decided on Annie Sloan's Chalkpaint in EMPEROR'S SILK....
a nice, rich chinese red.
 The beauty of this paint...........
is that NO prepwork is necessary!
 You just wipe it off a bit, and start painting...
 Here it is with two coats...
 And here it is after I distress sanded, 
and added waxes: 
First clear and then dark.
See all the crusty little edges?
I'm calling her "Molly B."
Isn't she sassy?

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