Friday, May 31, 2013

An entire room becomes a blank slate: Painting a Linoleum Floor and Knotty Pine Paneling

Earlier this week, I wrote about painting a naugahyde chair.
Today, it's a linoleum floor. 
Yes, Virginia, you CAN paint linoleum!!
 This is what I've been working on the last couple of weeks.
My client, Mike, just purchased a home
and instead of moving in
with all the home projects to be done at a later date,
he hired SheShe to get it all done BEFORE.
What a concept!
I've been working my butt off..
I'll write again about the rest of the house,
this room
was my "dream assignment!"
The transformation is going to be amazing!
It was a strange room off the dining room.
All the walls from floor to ceiling were knotty pine panelling,
two windows,
beige carpet......
and a door...
...and all the trim was woodtone as well.
After pulling up the carpet, we discovered.....
more brown!
Ugly brown linoleum with some squares missing..........
I love a challenge!
I started by replacing the missing squares 
with some remnant linoleum I had in my garage...
(see, this is why it's important to salvage stuff from alleys, folks!)
All the walls and trim were primed.
Always use a shellac based primer on knotty pine 
to seal the knots and minimize "bleed through."
Several coats may be necessary.
Next, I sanded all the linoleum to make
sure there was no remaining wax.
Then I cleaned it with TSP and wiped down.
Next, I primed the floor.
Looking totally better already!
I painted all the interior doors in the home 
in this beautiful navy.
The walls and floor were painted in SW Eider White, 
and the trim in BM White Dove.
Okay, now the fun begins....
I started creating a checkerboard effect 
by painting every other square in SW Hearts of Palm...
a wonderful punchy yellow-green.
First I used a stencil...
But after a while, 
I realized it was just easier to freehand paint...
l used a small foam roller and followed the lines of the linoleum.
Yep, that's me in my normal work attire....
After it dried, I used a stain sealer.
And here you go: 
A light and deliciously bright
Just wait til you see how I finish it off.
You'll have to wait til next week
for the big reveal!!

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