Monday, May 20, 2013

On Safari - Giraffe Skin Wall

Every now and then, 
I get a REALLY interesting assignment.
Like this blah nursery:
 ...with ducks..
My client was expecting a baby boy, 
and wanted to create a unique nursery.  
she didn't want to have to redecorate in a few years.
All of her bedding and accessories will be animal themed.
So I got cranking on a "safari" themed room.
I painted an accent wall in giraffe skin.  
This is totally freehand, folks!
No stencils here!

 The other top walls were painted in the same green. 
Below the chairrail, I painted the walls in a caramel.
I also added a line of chocolate brown 
just above the chair rail for an accent, and a tie in... these cheetah print valances I made.

This room will be age appropriate for years to come!
Heck it might even last till college!
And on that note, 
I'm heading out on my own safari and hope to be 
sitting about right here at cocktail hour this eve!
A special place with precious memories...
and we'll be making more!

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