Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ugly Naugahyde "Man Cave" Chair Makeover

Every now and then, I do something totally stupid.
Case in point:
This ugly chair that I picked up at a church yard sale.
 What was I THINKING???????????
Total brain fart.
So....I  immediately posted it on CraigsList.
Then I put it outside on the sidewalk for two days and nights.
Hoping someone
would TAKE it...
 Then I started thinking...
"Treat this like any other ugly makeover project."
I've been wanting to try chalk paint on fabric or naugahyde....
So here goes!
I started with the ottoman. 
Painted most of it in Provence, but did a little funky
design on the base with Old White and Greek Blue...

Here it is all waxed. 
I swear, it's hard to even tell it didn't come this way!!!!!!
So I went for the chair next........
Here it is painted.
I think I can live with this now.
At least it's aqua!
And I promise I'm not making this up:
Just as I was rinsing out my brushes, 
I got an email hit from Craiglist.
Someone wanted to buy the original mancave chair....."really bad."
Never fails!!!
(Yes it's for sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $150.)

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