Thursday, March 16, 2017

More of Jay's House: The Master Bedroom Reveal

Hello folks!
So yesterday, I showed you two rooms at my client, Jay's. 
Where I simply rearranged furniture and art 
for an amazing transformation!!
Revisit: The BEFORE living room.
Walking towards fireplace.
Reverse Angle.
I swapped rugs, 
repositioned the sectional sofa,
brought it new pillows,
hung art, and added lighting.

Next was the dining room:
 BEFORE:  Dining Room
I used this light fixture as inspiration to give the room
more of an "arts and crafts" style.
AFTER: Again, I swapped rugs, changed out the furniture,
painted the bookshelf inserts and replaced the hardware,
and hung artwork.

So today, I'd like to show you Jay's master bedroom.
This is what it looked like before I did my work on it!
You enter the master bedroom from the living room
and on the right side of the entrance 
is this bank of chest of drawers.
On the back wall is the bed.
Wider view.
 Great windows.
 Here's the reverse angle, 
and you can see the artwork and the desk that I
used in the other rooms.
The desk and big chair 
are crammed up in the corner. 
You can't even access the closet.
All this art was hanging above closets,
What a waste!

Are you ready for the "After" reveal?
I think this is my favorite room in the house now..
Come on in!
You enter the room from the living room,
and now you see this!
A beautiful sophisticated space!!
The bed is now right where it should be:
Looking out at those windows.
Above the bed, I hung a salvaged iron piece 
from an antique child's bed.
On either side of the bed,
I have small tables with lamps.
Over on the far wall (where the bed was,)
I added part of the storage units.
I used all those black and white photos from the
living room.
They look amazing here!
I repositioned the big chair, and added a floor lamp.
So now this is the perfect reading spot.
On the other side of the dressers,
I simulated a window seat by moving the chest,
and added the pillows that were in the living room.
I placed the other chest of drawer beside the closet. 
 Isn't this the most inviting, amazing boudoir now?
I might have to take a quick nap!

There's more to see!!!!
I'll continue to post other room makeovers
in this amazing house.

For now,
I'm off to paint the kitchen cabinets!

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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