Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving!!!!! Floral Arrangements and Nancy's New Dining Room

Here it is Thanksgiving eve.............
I've been working on my client, Nancy's, new house.
Particularly, getting the dining room ready for
the first Thanksgiving dinner she will be fixing
for several years.
(She lived in a condo previously with no dining room.)
Here's the new dining room....
Nancy got this awesome MCM dining set 
from Epoch Furnishings.
The rug was one we ordered for her 
basement bedroom in her previous home.
Works great in this room.
And the light fixture was just added.

here's what I've been busy with.
She needs some furniture -
a buffet/sideboard, and something smaller
on the shorter wall.
A focal point for the wall..
She wants a festive holiday centerpiece for 
the table,  and a long table runner.

I finished last night!!!!!!
 I spied this little piece recently 
I thought it was interesting........
so I bought it!
 I taped off the bottom shelf.....
And used this...
to spray paint the old sewing machine base.
Now it looks like iron again!
And then on the wood parts,
I simulated a reclaimed wood technique..
My arsenal
of products.
 I left the existing paint,
and just started layering stains...
wiping off, until I liked the patina.
 Now it has a total industrial vibe!
 I love it!!!!
And here it is in the dining room.
I propped it with Nancy's crystal decanters,
and a thrift store lamp I painted.
I also found  this awesome mirror.
It goes great with the MCM vibe.
I  hung it on the opposite wall,
below which 
one day will be a serving piece/buffet.
The table is rather narrow and long,
and I couldn't find a runner that was long enough.
So yesterday I whipped up this custom runner 
using fabric in my stash.
And I shopped for all the items to use for the centerpiece.
I used a basket, inserted a plastic liner and wet foam,
and then added various cut flowers. on a slant to keep the arrangement low.
I also added some dried eucalyptus
for the delcious aroma.
I ran evergreens along the runner on each side of the basket
 and then added various fruits and vegetables:
Pomegranates, lemons, and squash.
And finally, I placed several LED flameless candles.
(Don't want to set the eucalyptus aflame!)
I used more evergreens - yews, holly and nandina -
to create this arrangement which I placed 
in a beautiful crystal bowl of Nancys.
It greets you as you come into the front foyer.

Wow! Look!! I'm a floral designer!!!!!!!
You can do it!
Have no fear!!!!! 
(That's my secret weapon!)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.
May your holiday be filled
with wonderful food and family and friends.

And for those of you who are dealing with loss and hardships,
I pray for your peace and comfort.

Blessings to you all!

Christmas is just around the corner.
Decorating needs?

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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