Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Bohemian coverlet + victorian parlor chair = funky makeover!

Today I finished what will probably be 
my last custom project for 2016.
(I'm having hand surgery on Monday 
and will be out of commission for a month.)
 Virginia delivered this little victorian parlor chair 
she wants reupholstered.
You know how I LOVE
using non-traditional materials....
She wants to use this printed coverlet for the upholstery.
 I'm all over it!!!!
First step is removing all the piping and loose tacks.
Step two is removing the cat,
and figuring out how to lay the fabric.
We've decided to toss the ordinary out the window:
No centered patterns.
Instead, Virginia wants to use as much of the beautiful
blues in the fabric as possible.
So after I figured out the positioning,
I cut out the fabric and then cut fusible interfacing 
which I then ironed to bond with the fabric.
This fabric is very thin.
 The interfacing will give it more weight
and make it much more sturdy and less prone to tears.
I staple and glue all along the edges, then trim, the chair front.
Next, I cut a piece of batting for the seat.
 Again, after positioning the design,
I cut out interfacing and ironed to bond it to the fabric.
 Then I stapled along all the edges, 
pulling the material taut.
And next I did the same for the chair back.
 I used the solid and striped borders of the coverlet for the double piping......
 After sewing, I trimmed, then glued the cording to all the edges, 
to cover the staples.
 I believe she's finished!

 Yep, she's definitely a SHE.
I love the assymetry of it all.
This chair is now a piece of art!

Thank you, Virginia!!!!!!

Check in with me in a month,
when I'll be taking on more custom work!!!

Oh, and just in case,
MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone!!!!!
(Typing with one hand....hmmmm....
this might be my last blog of 2016, too!)

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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