Monday, September 26, 2016

Getting Ready for the Zinc Vintage Market!!!!!!

Today is the week!!!
My first official show this Friday/Saturday/Sunday

It's just Monday, and I'm already beat........
13 hrs of hard labor yesterday....
the car needs to be unpacked and repacked......
Calmay, take me away!

Take a look at everything I did YESTERDAY...
and you'll know why I'm a hurting puppy today!

On my walk yesterday AM,
I found a huge
kingsize bed that had water damage from the elements,
so I went back with my saws and tools 
and removed the pieces I could salvage:
One of the bedposts and the top ornate part.

I spent most of the morning taking that apart and saving the ornate pieces 
for a future project.
One of the bed posts is gonna make a great column...
I painted that up and will add this birdhouse...
Also painted this coat rack, another alley find.
Once I distress sand and wax, 
these will be quite lovely...
Next, I tackled this large piece of art I purchased
at a thrift store.
 Chalk paint and chalkboard paint, and
this thing is gonna be an awesome oversized chalkboard!
I'll wait til I unpack it to final wax it,
along with the other pieces.
(This is why I like distressed finishes!!!!!!!!
Cuz they always get more distressed in transit!)
Next I finished up these signs I've been
making from the scrap lumber from my deck.
 Some are decoupaged....
Love this one...
 Has little hooks at the bottom for hanging.
 Most of these will be going to the show...

 Next I pulled this pedestal from my garage to paint.
 I've been looking for a round top for it,
and found one today on Craigslist.
I painted the base in Annie Sloan chalk paint in Graphite.
I "hit" the edges with a little Paris Grey.
 When dry,  waxed with dark waxes.
Then I went to pick up the tabletop.
I attached the top to the base, and here it is set up
in my space at Vignettes/Westhampton.
And while I was working outside on the pedestal,
my neighbors came by and told me about a table they 
had just seen in the alley.
So I walked over with them 
and we brought this piece back
to my workstation 
(which is the sidewalk in front of my house!)
It's old pine, and someone had painted the top
and it was disgustingly filthy.
So I cleaned it up, and sanded and sanded.....
And then I started "building" a reclaimed
wood effect on the top using
various paints and stains.

Looks very Restoration Hardware like!
I painted the base in Maison Blanche chalk paint in Navy.
Then I waxed it all up, and loaded it and
the other table into my car.
And off to my booth I went to reset.
Here is the table all set up in my booth.
For sale: $219.
Here's the other table that I paired with these four parson chairs.
This table is $125.
I did a total reset of my space because
a big piece sold, 
and I'm leaving town for the week.
This will be here before you know it!!!!!!!!
Back home, I started pulling and pricing things to pack up...
until I ran out of steam and had a date with Dr. Teal's.

And today is only Monday!!!!!!!
It's gonna be a week!!!!!!!

Hope you will come out and support us this weekend!!!!!!!
It should be a beautiful fall weekend!!!!!!
I can't wait!

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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