Friday, September 9, 2016

A compilation of Makeovers......From Lamps to Dressers to Artwork........

I've been rather spotty with the blogging lately.
Not that I haven't been working.
On the contrary, 
I've been cranking out the stuff.
So here's a compilation of some makeovers of late:
Boring wood storage coffee table..........
the top has some damage...
Inside is cedar lined.....great for linen storage!
I first base painted in Maison Blanche Chalk Paint in Magnolia.
Next, I painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paints in Old Ochre and Paris Grey.
I didn't want full coverage....
Then I distress sanded.
And here it is all finished, waxed and buffed.
Just look at that sheen.
Next up, a couple of chairs that I purchased to redo.
Love the lines of this little frenchy one.
It was covered in nasty dirty vinyl
I removed the cushions and painted the frame in Magnolia.
A friend had just given me this vintage tablecloth remnant.
It was just enough to cover the front/back...
Then I removed the vinyl from the seat cushion..
There's no easy way to do this...
you have to remove the dust cover and all the staples......
and it is time consuming...
I had an embroidered sage green sham....
that I reversed and used to upholster the seat.
I put the cushions back in,
and added gimp to hide the staples along the back.
Here you can also see the distressed waxed finish
on the cahir.
This is the sweetest chair ever!
And here, a hamper chair...
in disrepair...
Great storage though...
dirty laundry, toilet paper, towels...

I removed the lid and cleaned off the wicker..
Then I painted it in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Antibes Green.
I love this color...........
it is rather neon-like...
But using lots of dark waxes tones it down.
I just love this color with orange.
As you can see, I upholstered the seat lid in another
remnant, and then reattached to the base.
An interesting pair...
Both are in my booth at Vignettes/Westhampton.
The frenchy chair: $149
The Hamper chair: $125
A thrift store wooden lamp base....
Painted in Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old Ochre.
Waxed and buffed...
With an awesome lampshade purchased from Class and Trash at Scott's Addition.
It's also in my booth at Vignettes/Westhampton.
For sale: $99

A client was looking for a small basic dresser.
I found this thrift one. Not very interesting though.
Flat, no details.
So I decided to punch it up with
some stencils and gold gilding wax.
First I painted in Maison Blanche Navy.
I used this stencil for the top drawer...
I also added a little of the gold gilding wax to the rims of the drawers.
Here is it waxed and buffed.
It's already in it's new home...
Yard sale console table..
 So much better painted...
distressed and waxed.
Here it is in my booth but it's S O L D.
I bought this cowhide stool at Class and Trash as well...
The upholstery on it was terrible....
but I knew I could redo it.
I removed the cowhide, added batting,
and then restapled, pulling taut.
Looks SO much better now. This is going to
the Zinc Market Sale, if it makes it that long!
For Sale: $119.
On a personal note, 
my good friend, Kim, just turned the big FIFTY!!!!!
Here she is with her hubby, Jon, 
who treated her friends
to a rocking dinner party at Shagbark.
I wanted to give her something special for this milestone.
I found a wedding photo....
I manipulated with a computer program.
Then i printed it out on tissue paper,
decoupaged it on a canvas,
and then overpainted.
And framed it.
And darn if I didn't forgot to take a photo!!!! ARGH.
But here she is after opening it.......
The technique makes it look like a painting.
So it is sort of cheating, 
but what the heck.
It's MIXED MEDIA, folks.
(Sorry for the crappy, blown up photo here,
but that's all I have.)
I think she liked it, and that's what counts.
These make great gifts......
I'm already working on another one....
Welcome to the 50+ clan, Kim!
(I've decided I'm always gonna be in the 50+ clan......
wink wink.)

And that's what I've been up to!

She She, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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