Thursday, September 8, 2016

One vintage barkcloth tablecloth = A multitude of makeovers!

I bought this barkcloth quilt topper/tablecloth 
years ago at an antique mall......
Someone had cut and sewn squares 
of the same barkcloth pattern 
in different background colors.
I've been holding on to it forever....
and now that I have my new shelves up 
I decided to pull it down and use it recently.
First up,
a cute little pair of ice cream chairs.
The cushions were pretty ratty...
I also had this little table I've been using up on my deck for years...
So I painted them in white chalk paint...
The little table had such great detail 
so I used a base color of grey,
and then drybrushed on the white..
Then I waxed everything,
and rebuilt those cushions,
and recovered in the barkcloth.
Here they are with the little table...
Then my friend and fellow dealer, Julie, 
dropped off this
poor pitiful ottoman...
 So I stripped the upholstery...
Tightened the webbing, and painted the legs in Graphite.
 And then I reupholstered in the same fabric...
I added green gimp along the edges.
And I also added a lime wax to the legs 
to pop the detail.
 I was going to make this a set,
but the stool sold.
It now lives in St. Petersburg, FL.
(Thanks, Lisa!)

Here are the chairs/table in my booth at
Chairs: $145 pair.
Table: $65
...and THEN...
I pulled these vintage oak 
pressback chairs from the alley.
They were weathered...but very sturdy.
So I sanded down the finish,
and pulled out my secret weapon:
Howard's Restor-a-finish.
Here you can see the difference in the untreated (left)
and the rest of the chair....
Left: untreated.
Right: Treated.
It just sucks up the oil!!!!!!
I had to rebuild seats because the caning was shot.
Then I added batting,
and stapled on more of the fabric..
I glued green gimp along the edges to hide the staples.
And I paired them with this little oak table.
Because the tabletop finish is different,
until I can redo it,
I sewed up a runner out of the remaining fabric
to marry the pieces.
And guess what sold?
Yep, the runner.
The chairs are $135 for the pair.
Cute little dropleaf table is $119.
These are in my booth at 

Barkcloth: Gone.
So that's one piece off the shelf.
Wonder what will be next?

You'll just have to check back!

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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