Monday, October 17, 2016

Bathrooms I have known...

Oh, I've seen them all...
Gross, disgusting bathrooms....
Not-so-bad bathrooms that need a little snazzing up.....
Bizarre bathrooms.........
Boring bathrooms..
Bathrooms from another planet.
So, come take a little trip with me......
I will begin here:
One of the grungiest bathrooms I have ever transformed.
 Words are really not necessary...
Look at this vanity.
Did they have a cat living in here?
 Old dated fixtures..
Plastic tile...
Vintage medicine cabinet...
 Wall damage......
And a dirty old tub surround that was falling apart.
Are you ready?
 New clean white surround...
Ice blue paint on the walls.
A new happy striped shower curtain.
Remember the plastic tile?
I added beadboard and moulding...
Cleaned up the vintage light fixture and
medicine cabinet.
 Added some hooks for towels.
 A new storage unit above toilet.
And that old vanity....
Looks brand new with beadboard sides and paint!!!!
It's a whole new world in this bathroom!
Fresh, clean, and totally not scary anymore!!!!
Next up:
Take a look at this cluttered mismatched bathroom.
 There are so many weird finishes and colors and textures going on in here...
 Lace curtains
Floral wallpaper... 
a blue slatted medicine cabinet...
Lack of storage...
An old vanity cabinet...
A large bad mirror...
Dated sliding shower doors that completely cut the room in half..
And these!!!! Grandma accessories.......
On the other side of the tub, this colonial blue
storage cabinet.
Truly, I feel like my airway is closing up in here....

And, now for the transformation:
Breathe! Yeah!
 Paint, beadboard, 
a new storage medicine cabinet.
I eliminated all that busyness and now the room is serene and open.
 New light fixture.
I removed the sliding glass doors.....
makes a world of difference.
I dressed with fresh white and pale towels and shower curtain.
 On the opposite wall, I removed the storage cabinet, 
added a chrome towel rack,
and put up a cute little vintage wall shelf I painted white.
I gave the vanity cabinet a new look 
with molding 
and chrome pulls.
 And finally, got rid of the frumpy long lace curtains.
Here's another one:
This is the master bathroom in a house that will be going on the market.
 Dated everything: 
Color, light fixture, mirror.......

I painted, added two storage medicine cabinets,
moulding and art.
New light fixtures.
The two medicine cabinets give the illusion of a double vanity,
even though there's only one sink.
 I freshened up the cabinet by painting and changing out the hardware.
I added a little skirt to provide hidden storage.
New fresh white towels and rug, 
and this bathroom is ready for market!
Here we have an Old World style powder room.
 Complete with handicap bars and a ton of wall figures..

 Oh dear.........
I'm speechless...
 More artifacts....
Above the vanity, a weird little wooden cabinet.
ANd dated light fixture.
I'd say it's time to bring this bathroom
to the New World!
Beadboard, paint, 
 a new overhead chrome towel rack.
The walls beside and behind the vanity area were
tiled with mosaic glass.
The vanity was painted a deep grey...
I picked up these pulls at a salvage store.
I love how they mimic the tile design.
Makes a statement now!
A new chrome light fixture,
and new medicine cabinet complete this makeover.
Sometimes a bathroom just needs a little punctuation.
Take this totally vanilla bathroom...
AFTER: Not so much anymore!
A vivid red shower curtain,
Painted mirror,
faux wall treatment,
and the addition of a little shelf and decorative items.
Completely livened up!
Tiny little powder room had really tall ceilings.
It really felt like a water CLOSET!
AFTER: Paint and beadboard!!
The beadboard breaks up the height.
A little wall shelf.
New mirror...
This bathroom was wood wood everywhere.....
Even the toilet seat was wood.......
It had wood beadboard,
pale yellow walls...
A gold rimmed shower door...
wood shutters.
 Old radiator...
I painted it all:
Fernwood green walls...
White beadboard...
Removed the shutters and replaced with a soft privacy curtain.
I even painted the radiator.
To simulate old bronze.
Then hung art.

 So much brighter!!!!!!
The pale green walls in this bathroom don't really go with the
grey blue and white floor tile...

 On the opposite side: A laundry area.
Changing the wall color made a dramatic impact!
 Chelsea Gray!!!!
Wow, now the grey sink and the floor tile totally mesh!
I painted the mirror frame.

 Added storage pieces and new linens.
 Over in the laundry area, I repositioned this chest.
 And above it, added wall hooks for hanging.

 I love this bathroom now!
This room wasn't a bathroom at all.
It was the exterior side of the house!
My client had this powderroom added
and needed to incorporate
the old siding and what was the window molding
into the overall design.
 She installed this vanity and beautiful tile floor
but was stalled as to what to do next.
Here's the finished room!
I painted the siding in Chelsea Gray,
and the other walls in Revere Pewter.
I painted the mirror and trim in White Dove.
And for the ceiling, a surprise: 
Boothbay Gray.
This powderroom is lovely now!
This wall provides a stunning focal point.

I will leave you with probably the 
weirdest powderroom I've ever transformed...
Take a look at this one!
A piano bar motif!
In fuscia!
 Complete with hot lips!
And cigarettes.......
 Dated light fixture, itsy star mirror...
 And boring tile.........
 The clients were willing to change out fixtures, 
but they really didn't want to
invest a lot of money in this makeover.

 I had to put my thinking cap on for this one...
They wanted something sort of frenchy and unique...
So I shopped around and came up with some inspiration.
I installed these ceiling tiles I scored at a thrift store,
and painted metallic gold.
 I'm going to add this ornate chair rail..
Frenchy pulls.
I painted the walls in a two tone.
Here's the molding after I faux painted: Metallic with
a patina of verdi gris..
 New ornate mirror and light fixture..
A little propping...
Here's the amazing ceiling......
New oil rubbed bronze fixtures.
And the room is complete.....

I hope you enjoyed this walk down bathroom memory lane.
I am totally exhausted.
And need to pee.

Have a bathroom that needs a new look?
Send some photos, I might just be your gal!
SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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