Saturday, October 3, 2015

Cozying up A Cold Basement Den Into A Warm Retreat!!

So yesterday I blogged about my client, BJ's, 
kitchen spruce up.
Today, I want to show you what I did in her basement.
Here you will find a pingpong table,
with bookcases all around it.
In the back is the den area.
To the right of that is what will eventually
become "the library."
But the den is the space I'm going to be working on today.
Now when I first worked here back in July,
the den looked like this.
I moved the "too large" area rug up to the sunroom.

 And moved the lighter colored sofa to the back wall.
So this is what the room looks as I begin today.
And here's what I did: 
First, I moved out these tall bookcases from the 
game room area.
I moved this barrister cabinet in it's place.
It is more compact, looks nicer,
and isn't as deep as the bookcase,
so it's easier to maneuver around the pingpong table.
 I took the two bookcases, attached them side by side,
 to create a wall.
(These haven't been staged yet…
I'm just getting them into position for now…
and the books off the floor!)
Now this wall of shelves...
  faces into the "library."
And it separates this area from the den.
 And here is the new den!!!!!!
 Isn't it inviting now??
 Here's the back of the bookcases.
 I used it as a freestanding wall and hung artwork.
I positioned the loveseat on this "wall."
I removed that dark green slipcover,
and used a quilt to cover it.
 Then I added pops of red all over to warm up this space.
I found this rug rolled up in the garage. 
It's the perfect size,
It doesn't compete with the awkward hearth 
that juts out in the space.
And the new coffee table??
That's a small bookcase that I turned over so that the back is the top.
And I found a piece of stone to put on top.
I put the storage chest over in the corner,
between the loveseat and sofa.
And added a carrom game board for a top.
And brought in a lamp,
which really warms up the space.
The colonial maple rocker got new duds.
 I whipped up a couple of cushion covers 
from this rich botanical fabric BJ already owned.
And I made throw pillows in the same fabric
to add to the sofas.
 I layered lots of textiles:
Throws and furs.
The red accessories pull in the brick and stove,
and make this feel like one cohesive space.

This makeover is a great example
of how you can totally reinvent a space just
by reworking pieces you already have.
I bought nothing!

 So crank up the stove,
and snuggle up in your wonderful new den!

Have a room that needs help?
SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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