Thursday, October 22, 2015

Clark's "Big Boy" Bedroom at Grandma's

My cousin, Debbie, 
has had this bedroom suit 
since she was a teenager.
 Nice solid pieces…
They've been up in her attic..
I painted the bed a while back for her to use in a guest room.
She keeps her grandson during the day,
and lately, little Clark,
has taken to crawling out of his crib at nap time.
So those days are over,
and it's time
for a "big boy" room!

She wants me to paint the furniture to use
in his bedroom at her house.
 I mixed up Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in a 50/50 ratio of
Old White and Louis Blue
and painted all three pieces and a mirror.
 Debbie really wanted to purchase new hardware...
 But that would be a $100+ investment, 
so I convinced her to let me just paint them.
I painted all the pulls and knobs in Old White.
 After drying, 
I used clear then lots of dark wax.
 Now they look old and crusty..
(She can always replace them later with new ones,
but I really like this look.
Gives the furniture a little character.)
 For each piece of furniture, 
I painted two coats.
After drying, 
I waxed with clear waxes
and very lightly distressed the edges.
And then buffed to a nice sheen.
Here's the bed.
 The dresser…
with all the hardware reinstalled.
 And the chest of drawers.
 And here is little Clark,
modeling his new bedroom furniture.

Clark is my first cousin twice removed.
(I had to research that to figure it out!
I always get confused!)
 Grandma went and bought him a mattress and box springs 
and set up his room this past weekend.
Now she won't have to worry about him
toppling over furniture, because these
are quite substantial pieces.
They will last many more years.

Don't you just love it when you can reuse
pieces instead of buying new ones?

Have a piece that needs a lift?
Send me a photo!

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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