Monday, June 15, 2015

Colorful Ikat Remnant+ Mid Century Modern Chair = Nirvana!

 My neighbor, Frances, gave me this chair recently.
 Mid-century modern.
I was sort of digging the lines……..
Upholstery was swirly velour.
Tired and old.
 Oh, but I had an ikat remnant that will be perfect….
After removing the back, 
I reupholstered the bottom, stapling along the bottom edges.
It was a little tricky working around the two posts,
but I figured it out

 I had to piece remnants to work for the top,
but It looks beautiful!
 And for the back, 
I used another remnant in this "peacock feather" design.
 (Note the bandaid on my left thumb…
that's because I stapled it earlier……working on the seat bottom.
 I attached the back panel to the front by reusing the original nails...
 Here it is finished…
 …and reattached.
 Detail of the nailhead trim.
It's gonna look just perfect with this ottoman already in my booth...
 Sweet little desk chair in colorful ikat:
Ottoman: $85
Set: $150

She She, The Home Magician

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