Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Thrift Store Chair Gets Spiffed up with Trina Turk Fabric Samples!

Last week while I was off thrifting, 
I came across this colonial style chair.
The fabric on the cushions was so dated, 
that I sort of liked it...
(But not enough to keep.)
The chair was painted in a glossy red.
Well, that didn't last long!
I painted it in Maison Blanche chalk paint in Peacock.
After waxing, 
I distressed it to reveal some of the red paint.
Now on to the fabric selection.  
Even though this was Wilma's vote,
I opted for this fun graphic floral print for the seat.
First I beefed up the seat with lots of batting and foam.
And then I upholstered….
This is an outdoor fabric sample, 
so it should be very durable.
I ironed and glued long strips  to edge where the wood meets the fabric.
Seat done...
I used a couple more fabric samples for the front/back.
These are all Trina Turk designed fabrics. Aren't they fun?
(Thanks, Juleeeeee!!!)
I essentially just made a big envelope.
Back. (Wilma's suggestion.)
The existing cushion had tabs that go over the finials 
to hold the cushion in place.
I simply painted them in the same Peacock chalk paint.
Much less labor intensive!

I measured and left openings in the seam,
so that I was able to feed the tabs through.
I slipstitched the bottom, and tested it out.
(The tabs are invisible because they
blend in with the chair frame.)
 I added a couple of buttons to finish it off.
 Pretty funky, heh?
I used another sample for this throw pillow...
And another pillow made from a knapsack.
I love how fun and perky it is…..
Matchy matchy?
Not for me!!!!!!

For sale!
Chair: $175
Designer Pillow: $28
Printed pillow: $25

SheShe, The Home Magician

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