Thursday, November 19, 2015

Industrial Urban Bedroom: A Teaser! Faux Painted Brick

Do y'all remember me?
I've been a bit out of circulation!!!!!
A whirlwind road trip to Illinois for a family funeral.
An open house at Greenwood Antiques this past Saturday.
And now, at last, I am finally able to sink my teeth into my latest project:
An industrial urban basement bedroom for my client, Nancy.

I've made lots of progress the last couple of days 
and I'm close to completion,
but not ready to show you the makeover quite yet.

However, I will show you one little teaser.
And it's a good one!
On one wall in the basement, there are three
brick inserts which are painted white.
They run the length of the basement...
 So today, I decided I had to do something about this white brick...
 I just started rolling on some paint. 
First I used BM Galveston Grey.
 And I just started adding colors….
Next was Annie Sloan French Linen.
 Then I mixed up some Annie Sloan Barcelona Orange with Graphite……..
and then just Graphite…..
 See how it's finally starting to look lie old brick?
 I continued adding colors……
some khaki…...
 I added a wash of the grey…..
 Then I decided to paint the trim around the inserts in the Galveston Grey.
 Finally I added some stain; 
Brushed on, wiped off.
Here it is all propped with Nancy's accessories.
Looks totally authentic!!!
I LOVE IT!!!!!
 But I have two more to go!
 Same technique…...

Looks amazing!!!!!

And definitely adds to the industrial feel of this basement space.

I can't wait to finish it up!!!!
You'll be the first to see.

Have a room that needs some zing?
I'm your gal!
SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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