Sunday, November 22, 2015

A revamped retro child's set - saved from a landfill!

Even when I'm out of town,
my "pickers" are keeping an eye out for me.
(Thank you, Molly B., for picking up all this loot for me last week!)

I got to cranking on the little table and chair set today.
 They were pretty disgusting, but nothing I couldn't fix.
 The edging on the little retro style table had some apart, 
so I glued and clamped that
after giving it a good cleaning.
 And I got to try this technique I recently read about: 
How to revive damaged chrome.
 The trick?
Wet some aluminum foil, 
crumble it up, 
and go to town on the chrome.
 I wasn't sure if this really was going to work, 
but take a look!!!!!!!
 It did a beautiful job of restoring the chrome to like new condition!
Next, I removed the seats, cut some batting for a little extra cushion...
 And recovered in this cotton duck.
Seriously, this little set looks brand new.
And we saved it from a landfill!!!!!!!!

 Good for us!!!!!!!!!
 And while I was working with the fabric,
I had an idea of how to fun up this little wall piece.
First I removed the little metal scrolled pieces..
 I painted in a distressed aqua finish.
And I cut out medallions from the fabric and glued on the inside.
Cute Cute.
Little cabinet/key rack: $30
Retro style child's table and 2 chair set: $75

Great little presents for under the tree!
They'll be heading to my booth at Greenwood,
unless you catch me first!

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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