Friday, August 15, 2014

More Trash and Treasures and Reinventions

Man has it been a busy Friday…
I'm trying to get out of town to restock my Greenwood space.
In the meantime, some pieces sold at my booth at RVA Antiques yesterday, 
so I went there this morning and added new several pieces,
including the two chairs I just finished.

Next, I needed to get some pieces finished that I want to take to my other space!
Geez, having two spaces is very time consuming!
But it's fun to swap and move stuff around.
I scored this alley find last week: 
An old vintage wicker chair...
 Love the big fat arms…
And I picked up this old spool from a dealer at RVA.
 The chair needed some serious sanding because the paint was flaking off terribly.
Then I primed the entire chair.
For the spool, I added industrial casters to the bottom,
And I then added layers of blues/greys/blacks.
I sanded and added clear and dark wax.
A glass top makes it the perfect industrial coffee table!
 I painted the chair with Rustoleum Glossy Fern….
It takes forever to dry, but then it's rock hard.
 I finished it off with a pillow this morning.
 Next, this old plaque I bought some time ago at Class and Trash.
 I funned it up by adding a cast iron buck hook and some hand painting and type.
Then i decoupaged a bullet hole and added some hand painted touches.
It makes me smile. 
 And here's a chair I had recovered a while back, 
had in my booth, but it just looked too dark
and out of place.
 So I pulled it and decided to paint it.
 I painted the base in ASCP in Versailles.  
And I left the oak back and added a stencil.
 Then I distressed and waxed, 
and rebuilt a seat with webbing, foam and batting.
 I covered the bottom in this remnant of a coral motif linen fabric.
But I wasn't digging the wood back...
 So last night, I painted it, 
and then added another remnant cushion to the top,
which I secured with oversized nail heads.
And finished off this morning with a little pillow.
The car is loaded….except for me and the cat.

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!

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