Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Bedroom Gets a Tranquil Redo

My client and friend, Nancy, 
recently went to Sunset Beach 
for her annual family vacation.
And while she was away, 
she asked me to freshen up her bedroom.
Here's the "Before."
Nancy lives in a condo in the Fan.
The walls of her bedroom were this color 
when she moved in two years ago.
All her furniture is a deep espresso finish.
There are dark brown wooden blinds on the windows and the back door.
And beside the door is a cut out with built-in shelves.
Nancy uses storage containers for this area,
but I'd like to see less clutter. 
It's also extremely drafty in the winter 
and so I want to come up with a solution that will help that issue.
When she first moved in, 
I whipped up some pillows to match the color of the room.
And I took this old slipper chair...
….and recovered it as well.
But now, she's over the green!!!!!!
And wants a softer, more tranquil space.

So…are you ready to see the reveal???
Oh, what an improvement!!
Soft blues and light taupes create a totally different vibe!
I painted the walls in BM Collingwood.
And the ceiling, I painted in BM Lookout Point, 
the softest blue.
I repositioned the bed on an angle 
and dressed the bed in a new 
pale taupe quilt that is lightweight
and incredibly soft.
I made a custom bolster and throw pillow from fabrics
Nancy and I selected at Ufab.
Above the bed, 
I hung two vintage Vogue prints.
Next, I added some simple white canvas panels
to soften the wooden blinds.
I took down the wooden blinds on the back door
and added a lined privacy curtain.

And this is my favorite part:
The built-in!
Now it's like a cabinet.
Here's what I did:
I found three cabinet doors.
I hinged two together on the right, 
and one on the left.
I kept the top shelf open
for easy access to Nancy's jewelry box.
Inside, I lined the back wall with thick styrofoam
for insulation.
And then I covered the back and all the shelves
with a striped fabric.
I primed and painted the cabinet doors in chalk paint.
Now Nancy can have all the clutter she wants...
…and can just close the doors to hide it all!
I couldn't decide on aqua or taupe to highlight 
the detail in the doors, so I used them both!!!!!
And distress sanded the edges for a little character.

The doors go perfectly with the newly recovered slipper chair.
Over in the corner near the back door, 
I added a little table that I painted
in a distressed finish.
It's quite a dreamy place, 
don't you agree?
Nancy is going to thank me this winter.
I'm sure the doors and insulation are going
to really reduce the draftiness.
Well, my work is done here…
What's your favorite part?

Trudy's is definitely the vintage washed quilt.

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