Friday, February 28, 2014

A True Trash to Treasure "Alley Cat" Desk

 A friend spied this desk in her alley a couple of weeks ago………..
and texted a photo to me...
Yep, a cast off right there in the trash.
It deserves better!!
It's a little retro 60's looking desk...
 Simple lines...
crappy finish…
missing a drawer...
A dog chewed leg…….

So when I was in Greenwood last week, 
I tackled it one day out on my mom's carport.
Here it is after a little elbow grease:
I painted in Annie Sloan Chalk paint Paris Grey..
then lightly distressed and waxed.
Added these kitchy "alley cat" knobs.
How appropriate.
Wilma gives her seal of approval.
Then I added a plywood bottom to make a shelf where 
the drawer was missing.
And paired it with this vintage "Convert-a-chair"
valet storage chair. 
I used an old dog food feed sack to cover the seat.
Love these two pieces together.
I found the perfect basket to fit in the space.
 For sale in my Greenwood Antique space. 
Desk: $129.
Chair: $99

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