Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Idea for Upholstery: Vinyl Shopping Bags!

Here's an idea I wanted to share:
You know those little 99 cent shopping bags 
you see at TJ Maxx/Marshalls, etc?
They are thin vinyl?
Use them for upholstery or art!
Here's one I purchased recently. 
Very frenchy with the bee, etc.:
I had this bistro set that had been damaged by weather....
 One side of the bag was just big enough to cover the seats!
Two seat covers for 99 cents! Not bad!!
I removed the seats, covered in batting, 
and then upholstered with the bag side.
Here are the seats finished....
Next, I covered the tabletop in red vinyl I purchased at uFab on sale for $11.99/yard.
I added oversized nail heads along the outside edge.  
 I also covered the backs of the chairs in the vinyl as well.
Here is the set for sale in my booth.
All weatherproofed now for a covered porch, etc.
I used another bag to line the inside of this little wall shelf I painted.
These items are for sale in my booth at Greenwood Antiques and Uniques.
Bistro set: $185
Shelf: $45

Shopping bags. 
Who would have thunk?

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