Saturday, September 21, 2013

Oval Ottoman Makeover

So...a week or two ago, 
I was out there in Short Pump Land
and while trying to take a short cut...
I got completely lost.

(This is embarrassing because, 
well, I live in Richmond.)
I was lost but what I found was the
"For The Love of Jesus Thrift Store."

Ten minutes later,
I'm still lost but with a big ole ottoman in the car:
It was a great size, 
a great shape and in great shape, 
just, well, ugly and brown. 
With a bunch of tufts that were 
just BEGGING for crumps. Yuk..
And this past week, I was in Greenwood 
while my mom was recovering from surgery, 
I did my own recovering...yuk yuk... this lovely ikat fabric....
 and these oversized pewter nailheads... 
both of which I picked up from my favorite fabric store,
 And I painted and distressed the legs, too.
Out with the brown.  
In with the aqua and white.
 (Is it just me, or does this look sort of like
a giant Easter Egg?)
Tufts, be gone!
It's for sale in my Greenwood booth for $249.
Looks pretty cool sitting by my recent makeover, 
the frenchy bench!

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