Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another Porch Makeover: Daisey's Side Porch

Okay, I did this makeover a few months ago, 
but never got around to posting.
So, since I just did a porch makeover yesterday, 
I figured I'd stay on a roll!

This makeover is a great example of how 
decluttering and organizing can change your life!!!!!!!

Daisey has this fabulous enclosed side porch....
but over the winter months,
 it's become a catch-all for clutter.
You enter the side porch from a door in the living room.
As you walk out, 
there is a sofa almost obstructing your walkway.
 As you turn left, you can see how long and narrow this room is.
It has amazing archways which Daisey had enclosed years ago.
 This could be SUCH a great space, 
but right now, 
there is no real dedicated function....
I'm going to fix that.
 Here's the same orientation, 
but looking at the inside wall...
Clutter continues along both walls.
 This is at the far end of the porch looking towards the front.

Time for the transformation:

Now, as you enter the porch, 
your walkway is open.
I positioned this narrow console table where the sofa was.
It's set with a cloth, whimsical lamp,
and collection of candles.
An old radio cabinet is nestled in the exterior wall corner 
to hold Daisey's radio and CD player.
Underneath the console, 
I placed Daisey's antique carts.
Remember to group similar items!

To the right of the console, in the inside corner,
I added this little table.

Daisey has so many fun things,
and now you can see them!
 Moving along, 
here's a nice little sitting area with a nautical rope chair, 
and a grouping of house plants that adds greenery.
 This is the same sofa
but with a white slipcover change, and new pillows.
The sofa is now positioned against the inside wall, 
and faces out to the yard.
(Plus it's directly under the fan for great nap breezes.)
Here's the reverse orientation.
Now, we're back facing the far end.. 
See how functions are now defined?
The sofa/sitting area, and in the back,
a little pub set for outside dining.
I pulled this lattice screen in from another room in the house.
Then I added a table and lamp beside the sofa.

The screen not only hides clutter
 but helps separate the areas. It makes the
 "living room"area feel more cozy.

Behind the pub set, 
I placed a glass covered cabinet for storage
and topped it with a metal shelf.
To hide clutter,
I simply pasted vintage wallpaper on top of the glass doors.
On the top open shelves, 
I placed all the "good stuff": 
colorful dishware, 
glass globes....
all of Daisey's little treasures!
The eating area is positioned
just inside the back door, convenient to the grill.
This pub set is special to Daisey:
Joe P's family gave it to her when he passed away..
(Note the little pink flamingo hanging in the window?)
And I made this little sign to hang:
Welcome to the Pink Flamingo Lounge....North! memory of Joe P!

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  1. You look like an angel of creativity and organization, well done.