Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Making over the Makeover!

Sometimes I end up redoing a piece.. 
several times...
I just can't help myself..

For instance, 
take this little wooden country bench.

I'm not a big fan of these simulated country pieces with the heart cutouts...
So for the first makeover,
I used a wooden fish trivet to "camouflage" the heart cutout.
Then I painted the bench in a combo of blues and greens 
and dulled down the finish to give it some age.
On the back, I stencilled "No Fishing"
It's been in my antique booth for a couple of months.
Now with autumn approaching, 
I pulled it this weekend..
..along with this cool old scrolly wood piece
that wasn't selling either.
And then, there on my mom's carport, 
I got an idea.
Let's turn this baby into something fun and frenchy!!!!!!!!
I had to jigsaw the ends of the decorative piece a bit, 
and then I glued/nailed it to the top of the bench.
Next, I painted everything that will be exposed 
in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White.
I distress sanded and waxed and buffed the wood.
I cut out and stapled thin foam to the back and seat.
Then I covered the foam 
with this beautiful aqua scroll printed fabric 
I purchased recently from Williams and Sherrill.
 I stapled the fabric along the edges.
To finish, 
I glued gimp to all the stapled edges.
A couple of pewter nailheads on the edges, 
and here it is in my booth at Greenwood Antiques and Uniques,
 for sale at $225.
If it doesn't sell this time, 
I'll be happy to bring it home!

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