Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Project: Rebuilding a Home's Interior

I just got back from another Wake Forest, NC, weekend work trip
where Cristie and Andy live in this amazing farmhouse.  
(I've blogged about work here in the past...)
The house has been in Cristie's family for generations, 
and slowly but surely, she and Andy are turning this wonderful home into "theirs."
I'm not talking about losing the character of the home mind you....
just updating some of the not-so-wonderful home improvements made over the years.
Like this:  
Lots and lots of wallpaper...
with flowers and birds...
in all of the bathrooms.

Now the wallpaper has been stripped!!
Paint colors have been selected and the painting is complete.
AFTER: Master bath and dressing area 
were painted in Sherwin Williams "Rainwashed."
 Now you can breathe!!!!!
So tranquil versus the floor to ceiling wallpaper.
Here's the front foyer when I arrived.
(Sorry for the crappy photo..)
...and  front hallway, which were painted in SW "Seasalt."

My assignment:
To "rebuild the home" with a fresh eye.
Create all the little vignettes 
that make a house a home.
This will be fun - there's so much to work with!!!

(This is all eye candy so I'm going to let the photos tell the story:)

Family photo wall.

 In the library, I reworked a few things as well...

And lastly...I wanted to address this dining room wall..
I took several small mirrors, 
painted a couple in different colors...

 and  rehung everything.
This  wall is so much more interesting now with the
various shapes and colors.
Work is done....time to play.
Outdoor time with Surge!
Thanks, Cristie (and Andy)
for another yummy project!

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