Monday, April 22, 2013

Gilding Wax and Reinvented Small Treasures

When I first started using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint a few years ago, 
there was no stockist in my area, 
so I placed all my orders online 
with Patty Seaman of Classic Wall Finishes (
She has been so helpful with information 
on products and techniques over the years, 
and always give me such great feedback on my pieces.

Recently, she suggested I try this:
Oh, now this is gonna be fun!
And I've upgraded to these!!!!
These great chunky handled wax brushes and a brush buffer!
I have to admit, until now, 
I had only used little chip brushes or my dad's old shaving brush...
for applying wax....and rags to buff.
So here's my latest acquisition: 
A little apothecary style jewelry box.
Shall we get started??

 After painting the body and all the little drawers,

I applied my wax with my new brush.
Goes on like butter!!!!!!
I distressed and buffed.
 Now I'm going to give it just a hint of glitz
By applying a little of the gilding wax with my finger,
lightly along a couple of edges.
The piece looks amazing!
Here's a little decorative box with a place for a photo on top.
I epoxied a plaster owl right to the glass,
...and then I painted, glass and all, with chalkpaint.
I added some layers of dry brushing, and the gilding wax...
Dark wax brings out all the details.
And "antiques" everything.
This is fun stuff...
give it a try!!!!
(Oh, and yes, the items are for sale:
Jewely Box: $36
Owl box: $22)

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