Saturday, April 27, 2013

More Upholstered Chairs from SheShe

My client, Beth, had a couple of chairs that looked like this...
 Beautiful wood detail, but dated upholstery.......
Torn gimp...
After a fabric search, 
Beth chose this upholstery weight polkadot I found at Hobby Lobby.
 (I love working at my Mom's.
I get to work in a carport instead of my dining room!)
After ripping off the old gimp, 
I cut and stapled the new fabric 
on the chair fronts and bottoms.
(I hope you are also noticing the beautiful background countryside of Greenwood, Va.!)
Beth had purchased this sweet toile on sale at Calico Corners,
so we decided to use this for the chair backs 
(you know how I like to mix things up!)
as well as some throw pillows for the sofa in an adjoining den.
 Fabric is on,
 now comes the trim...
Using the same fabric, 
I made double welting and added that to the backs and seats.
 Then I edged the back toile fabric in a beige gimp.  
I added chunky pewter nailheads (from u-Fab)
to corners and where the seams meet.
The new upholstery looks great with the wood trim. 
And for once, I didn't have to paint chairs!
 Lastly, this little desk chair...
..that had a cutout plywood bottom. 

This got a makeover, too:
I built, then upholstered the seat
in the same polkadot fabric, 
and added a gimp border.
I used a little Old English furniture oil on the scuffed wood...
Beautiful detail on the wood.
I love these chairs!!!!!
Thanks, Beth!

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