Thursday, January 4, 2018

Another Scraphappy Chair using a Linen Teatowel

My client, Lori, loves my crazy connoctions..........
She's purchased several chairs from me..........

And when she was last at my home to pick up her most recent chair,
I pointed out this recent acquistion..............
Great lines and very solid.

So she decided she'd like me to redo this for her..
And here's a rug with the colors she wants to use.
First step was removing some of the upholstery, 
all the tacks, and painting the frame.
Then waxing.
And distressing all the edges.

And now the fun begins.....
Playing around with fabric remnants I have on hand:
She liked the appliques I had done on a previous chair, 
but these are feeling forced...
I continued to experiment,
and sent photos of various combinations...

So I used the bird image from this Australian tea towel, 
I sewed and cut around the bird,
then washed it to ravel the raw edges.
Then I trimmed the frayed edges, 
and sewed it to this linen fabric
for the chair front.
A moroccan remnant is being used for the seat
after plumping it up with batting.
...and I'm using this fabric with medallions for the arms.
And this navy and white for the back.
Wilma approved...
Trimming out all the fabric after stapling the edges...

Finishing touches: gimp and nail heads.
It looks great!
She loved it...
And so do I!
I love clients that are willing to mix it up!!!!!!!!
Here you see how perfectly it goes with the rug.

That was fun!
Thanks, Lori!

Have a chair you want "funned up?"

Heck, I can do that!

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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