Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Frenchy Fun Revamp for an Old Rush Top Stool

Here's a little piece
I bought recently at one of my favorite
thrift stores, Class and Trash.
I love picking up little benches,
 stools, ottomans, etc, 
because they are so cute 
and don't take a lifetime to work on, 
like a chair can!
I have so many fabric remnants so I can
always come up with something fun...
Plus, they sell well in my booths….
They aren't that expensive - usually $100 or less -
 easy to put in the trunk of the car, 
(so the mister or missus doesn't know 
you bought another piece of furniture!)
Retail therapy! 
Yeah, you deserve it!!!
Here's what I did:
I unscrewed and removed the top,
and painted the wood frame in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
in French Linen.
Here it is after one coat.
It will take another coat and a waxing to finish the frame.
Then I covered the top with foam and batting.
For the upholstery,
I used some leftover damask scraps,
a shower curtain valance,
and some burlap printed wide ribbon.
Here it is…
all finished and decked out in its new duds.
Frenchy and fun.
And for sale. $99.
It's at my booth at 
Heading there for Thanksgiving, 
so let me know if I can pick it up for you!

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