Monday, September 15, 2014

A Zappy Zebra Eastlake Settee!!

In addition to the Victorian furniture I recently purchased 
(and blogged about the chair makeover,)
I also picked up this Eastlake set.
 A settee...
 …and two chairs.
 The wood is gorgeous…….it almost looks like rosewood.
Just beautiful details.
So for once, I decided NOT TO PAINT.
Drop dead, I know.
 The fabric was dated though.
I decided to tackle this today.
I started by pulling off all the gimp.
 After using Howards Restor-a-finish in Deep Mahogany on the wood,
I went to my fabric stock pile……….
and decided on this awesome thick linen in an indigo and tan zebra print.
(Thank you my bud, Bonita, for sharing another great fabric!!!!)
 I started with the seat and added a layer of batting.
Then I cut and while pulling tight, stapled the fabric all along the edges.
 Next I did the chair fronts.
First I filled in the tufting indentations with
polyfill. And then i added and stapled a layer of batting,
and then the fabric.
 I decided to use twill tape and bronzed copper nail heads to edge the front
 In order to keep the wood unpainted, 
I felt like I needed a fabric with some weight…in texture and color.
I think this is just perfect.
 Here's the back.
It's in my car ready to go to RVA Antiques tomorrow.

And here's another piece I did today:
 When I bought this piece, 
it had a shiny red finish.
 And although I didn't like the finish,
I liked the red color. 
Time to cozy things up for autumn!
So I sanded down all the sides and edges...
 Next, I added a stain layer to everything,
 to pop the details and "knock down"
that bright red finish.
 A little toile pillow, 
and it's perfectly perfect.
The seat top lifts for storage.
This is going to RVA as well.

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