Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Car is Packed; Jed Clampett is headed to Greenwood in the Morning!

Such incredible weather!!!!! 
I have finally been able to get outside and do a little painting this week...
and tackle some of these pieces  that have been sitting 
I need a workshop!

Today, I packed up the car, 
and they are headed to my booth in Greenwood tomorrow....
Greenwood Antiques & Uniques, 
here we come!!!

Take a look at the Before and Afters!

Oak Dresser from Fantastic Thrift......

I painted in a two toned Annie Sloan Chalk Paint treatment:
Old White and Paris Grey, then waxed.

BEFORE: Little orange velour maple wood chair.
 I've had this cute little chair for so long,
 I don't even remember where it came from!!!!!
AFTER: I painted the base in Old White.  
 I covered the front and seat in a pewter chenille remnant .......
but didn't have enough for the arms or back....
So I made a trip to UFab yesterday.....
and found this wonderful grey and white graphic fabric 
to use for the back and arms.
I love this comfortable petite chair. 
I would keep it except Wilma 
would shred it to ribbons in about two seconds.
So, for sale at $275.

Four  disgusting parson chairs rescued from the alley...........
I painted the legs in ASCP Paris Grey, 
then used a set of vintage toile drapes to reupholster..
Then I added some aqua pompom fringe along the bottom edge,
 and a couple of oversized pewter railheads along the top edge.
These are really comfortable dining chairs!
$300 for the set.
 Little wooden cabinet purchased from Hope Thrift...
New paint job...
Great bathroom cabinet, or spice cabinet....
BEFORE: Ugly little owl statue from Goodwill....

 AFTER: Much improved with a new 
French Linen and Old White ASCP job!
BEFORE: Old fence posts...
AFTER: She-Angels!!!!!!
$39 each
(I can also custom create these..)

The car is packed and Jed is headed for bed.
Have a fabulous weekend, you all!!!

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