Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Tale of Two Chairs

Obviously, I have a thing for chairs......
I can't help myself.
I see a cute cast-off chair, I want better things for it!
Here are a couple I just did this past week.
I picked up this petite orange velour chair at a Goodwill..

I painted the wood arms and legs with ASCP in Old White.

Wilma staked out her claim pronto....

I had just enough of this chenille remant to cover the seat and front.

So I looked around for another remnant to do the arms and back...
I considered this one, but it wasn't quite right.

So a quick trip to UFab yielded this wonderful gray and white graphic fabric.
I used it to cover the back...
And the arms.
I added this onion fringe around the arms...

...and bottom edge of chair.

 And made a coordinating throw pillow.  
This chair was PERFECT in my living room,
but I knew Wilma would have it 
shredded in about 2.5 seconds, 
so it had to go..
And while I was in Greenwood this past week, 
I purchased this chair from a dealer.
Look at all the curlycues........
Love the wood detail in this chair...
I couldn't WAIT to get my hands on it!
So after painting the wood, 
I decided on this grey & yellow ticking..

Here it is all completed.

And while I had enough of the stripe for the back,
I used this medallion print to spice things up.
 I added gimp to all the edges. 
Here you can see the beautiful wood detail 
after it was distress sanded, waxed and buffed.
 And of course, a throw pillow came next.
And here they both live at my booth in Greenwood...
It's a race to see which one sells first!
My vote is the gray chenille!
(Striped chair: $189
Grey Chenille chair: $225)
Oh, and I had just enough of the medallion fabric 
to use on this little yard sale vanity chair.
It got a paint job, too, and a rebuilt seat.
Can't you just see this sitting at a little girl's vanity?

Okay, so it's
"A Tale of Two and a HALF Chairs."

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