Wednesday, July 17, 2013

From Tired Home Office to a Colorful "Island" Bedroom!

This is one of my FAVORITE makeovers of all time!!!
I finished it last month, 
but it's taken me till now to go through all the photos...

My dear friend and repeat client, Daisey,
had a bedroom that she'd used as a home office for years.
But since the age of laptops,
she didn't really use the desktop computer station - or the office - any more.
She wanted to convert it back to a comfortable guest bedroom.

Here's what it looked like when I began:
 Walking into the room you face this wall with a central window and radiator.
 Here's the office set up that I'll be be taking out....
 I'm thinking this table might be able to be repurposed somehow...
 And this chair....
...will work just fine with a white slipcover.
Cheetah rug is going, too...
 Daisey has a four poster that I'll be moving in from another room...
she left it up to me whether or not to paint.
The one vision I had for this room was to place the bed against this wall, 
and to paint the wall a beautiful accent color....
 And this was the "inspiration photo" that I showed Daisey originally....
I was thinking perhaps a caramel color, 
with fresh green bedding....
However, the current walls had sort of a fleshy-toned wallpaper,
so I decided caramel wasn't the right color....
 As usual, I just looked for a starting point...........
and I found one in this...shower curtain!
Yep, a shower curtain started the wheels turning.
I love the palette of the turquoise and green
against the white....
and i LOVE the graphic nature of this textile.
So I built an entire room around it!!
 I couldn't decide whether to go turquoise or green on the accent wall, 
so I painted some large help me make my decision...
 And of course, I painted the bed!
I positioned the bed 
and painted it in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.
Waxed and distressed, it looks fantastic, 
and I know now, I'll be able to see the white 
against the swatches and it will be easier to choose an accent wall color...
 And I chose:  
Sherwin Williams "Rapture Blue." 
I'm in love!!
 Here's the beautiful bedding Daisey chose.
Now, I start building the room...
 I whipped up a couple of small pillows to pull in the turquoise 
with the fern green bedding.
 Here's the little glass console table:  
I made a gathered skirt from a fern fabric 
purchased at my favorite fabric store, UFab.
It conceals the table base and softens it.  
I added a mirror I found in the basement, 
covered a piano stool in vintage chenille, 
and voila:  
Instant vanity!
The skirt is split in the front, 
and the shelf inside provides concealed storage:
Like for the cable router!
I kept the glass top.
It's perfect!
 To the right of the bed I created a little sitting area with the slipcovered chair,
and a floor lamp.
 A little thrift shop foot stool....
 ....gets a new makeover with wide turquoise and white striped fabric.
On the windows on either side of the bed, I hung these sheers
that have a tiny turquoise print and pom-pom edges..
They add just enough filter without blocking the light.
 And for the "inspiration shower curtain"..
 I spray painted a metal curtain rod...
...and simply ran it through the slits and hung on brackets.
 Daisey was in need of more clothes storage, 
so I purchased a 2nd hand dresser...
 Painted the drawer fronts in yellow-green, 
and changed out the drawer pulls
to these little glass knobs with copper accents.
 The table and lamp to the left of the bed were brought up from the downstairs porch.
 A new lampshade freshens up the retro lamp...
Isn't it groovy?? 
Daisey has such neat things...
 ..including these great colorful posters she's produced over the years...
I made sure to find a place for all of them!
I think they provide just the perfect punctuation 
to this awesome room!
And lastly, I purchased a soft neutral chenille
area rug that's soft on the tootsies.

Final Tour:
 To the left:
 Center front:
Right front:
Right back.

Welcome to Nirvana.
Sleep well, lovelies!

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