Monday, June 12, 2017

The Merry Merry Month of May: An Overview

Oh my goodness!
The month of May was a whirlwind!!!!!
My sweet mom was very ill,
so I spent most of the month at her home in Greenwood.,
working away on her carport and
taking care of her.
I'm happy to report she is doing great now!!!!

And since I was unable to post anything, 
I thought I'd just recap a few of my creations for the month of May!!
Ready for the ShEShE recap???

Here we go...


Someone was going to discard these chairs, 
so a friend scored them for me..
I married them with this yard sale purchased table...
by painting them in a homemade chalk type paint..
Teal...very in right now...
Chartreuse and turquoise Schumacher fabric samples
were used to cover the seats, and here you go.
The perfect little sitting area.
(Check them out with these MCM lamps!!!!!!!)
Love the twisted rails on this thriftstore piece...
but hated the finish...
Much better painted in an aged grey and distressed.

This beautiful antique spool chair belonged to a client.
Hard to see the beauty with the dated upholstery.
After reupholstering in this beautiful indigo batik,
and adding a pillow, it it magnificent!
Here was another custom upholstery piece I did...
Tired needlepoint chair.
After stripping the upholstery and tacks,
I painted the frame in duck egg blue and distressed...
All the details pop now!
I recovered in this beautiful chenille that the client provided.
I spotted this wonderful burled wood chair at a thrift store.
The frame was beautiful, 
but the cane had one small hole...
So I figured out a way to salvage it..
First I added a piece of wood to the back, 
to cover the hole in the caning.
It's stained to match, 
so you hardly notice it.
Then I upholstered the seat using fabric from a set of purchased drapes.
I added a pillow and secured it to the back with buttons.
The backside button keeps it in place,
and I left the cording dangling.
I love coming up with a creative way to fix something!
I loved this chair.
It already found it's new home..
I purchased this silly little foot stool at a Goodwill....
Silly because what a dumb design!
I removed that slipcovered cushion,
painted the legs,
then reupholstered the whole top.
I used a fun outdoor fabric so it can be easily 
wiped off...
Two little boring natural wood and white barstools...
I painted the frames in grey, 
and simulated a dipped gold effect.
Then I used a fuzzy round pillow to upholster the tops.
Aren't these great?


I used some old picket fencing....
and wood pieces from my garage to make 
a rustic bar.
Again, a distressed paint treatment unifies it...
Here it is all staged in my space at

I took a twin bedframe,
sawed the footboard in half and attached to each side.
My mom's neighbor had all these old fencing boards.
He was kind enough to give these to me.
I sanded them down, and cut to fit to make a seat.
I LOVED this piece. 
It now lives in someone's gazebo...
I took the top off this little child's table...
Replaced with more reclaimed wood.
I painted the base in a rustic teal,
and paired with these two little vintage folding chairs that I painted.

I used lots of wood and stencils to make

Discarded vanity...
I painted the piece in a rustic treatment,
and added stencilled arrows to the top...
I paired it with this little stool that I painted
and recovered with arrow fabric...
Cute as pie and already in a young lady's boudoir...
I love repurposing old boxes.
This is an old ammo box..
I thought it would make a cool bar, so
I used this quilt rack for the stand,
sawed off the top piece...

I brought the wood back to life with stain, and inside,
added a chalkboard back.
One of the rails can be used as a towel rack.
Old chair with caning issues...
I stencilled some type, added a butterfly,
chickenwire seat...

and part of an old dough bowl to simulate a flower pot.

Two vintage pieces: 
One in very rough shape,
the other with only minor veneer issues.
I kept some of the beautiful wood on this piece,
and painted the problem areas....
But this poor piece was a total mess.
So I had to peel off lots of veneer and sand it down.
I used a rustic paint treatment to enhance all the imperfections.
I lined the drawers with vintage wallpaper samples...
I think it's a beauty now!
But, my very favorite makeover was this old vintage maple dresser.

It belonged to the across-the-street neighbors 
who thought - since I already had the assembly line cranking on the carport -
they would bring it over so I could work my magic on it.
It had what looked like drippy wax all over it..
They weren't sure what they wanted to do with it,
so left that up to me.
I wasn't sure what I was going to do either,
so I cleaned it well and just started painting..
I painted the drawers in an aqua-blue ombre technique.
Then drybrushed lighter tones over each of the drawers.
I painted the frame base and the pulls in french linen..
I stained the top in a deep java and used deep brown
drybrushing on the drawer edges to simulate age.
But I still felt like it needed a little more deep brown 
to tie in the top.
As I was contemplating a design of some type,
the owner came over and loved the idea of a quote.
And here is what she came up with...
How perfect!!!
I applied the words by using alphabet stamps.
I so love that she had a creative part in the redo.
After all, it's hers!!!!!!!

told you it was a whirlwind.
By the time I left,
Mom was back to her old self...
You can't keep her down!
God, I love that woman.

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox


  1. I love everything you always do ...You amaze me as I see them before and than after photo.....You are truly a Magician....

    1. Thank you so much for the positive feedback!!!

  2. Glad to hear your mom is back doing the things she loves! ... you too!