Monday, April 3, 2017

Even A Laundry Room Needs A Little Love

My client thought his laundry room was functioning just fine.
 Hmmm, really?  
 He has this big plastic shelving unit to the left of the washer dryer, 
so that everything is squished together.
Plus it's ugly! 
Who wants to see all this stuff?
 And there's MORE stuff here...
in plastic containers.......
We need some better storage options.
Which is what I was thinking when I bought this piece last week.
Remember my post about painting it?
Well, check it out now!
Great ATTRACTIVE storage!
To hide all the clutter, 
I added panels of fabric
that I simply trimmed and stapled inside.
All the laundry supplies, etc, are nicely
organized and accessible.
On the wall beside it, 
I added these hooks that hold the ironing board
and brooms.

Looking so much better.
But still, there's no real worktop space.
So I moved this rolling cart from the kitchen,
which is a stone's throw away...
Now he has a place to fold clothes.
And he can still use the bottom shelves for the 
kitchen items he seldom uses.
So organized and clutter free now!
On the wall behind the back door,
I added a narrow bookcase that
houses all those supplies 
that were in plastic bins.
And even though it's open,
you aren't looking straight at all that stuff
when you walk in the room.
I love how the colorful cabinet and ironing board cover
cheer up this room now.

Mission accomplished.
I love my work!

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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  1. I love your work too. Such a great job. I don't want to even go into my laundry area now. :)